Politics on Rails

Social analysis and programming

Will May • williamcmay@live.com

I like making websites.

I have experience both with Wordpress and Ruby on Rails, and, since I'm relatively new, I'm only charging $15 an hour. Or let me know what you're looking for, and I'll give you a quote.

Here are sites I've put together:

Latchis Hotel & Theatre

Featuring an event list based on Wordpress, and a javascript function on the showtimes page that allows visitors to flip between multiple weeks of showtimes. I wrote an app that gets movie names and times from users, grabs movie info from IMDB.com, and publishes the new javascript code, making updating the showtimes a breeze.

Politics on Rails

Made with Ruby on Rails and LocomotiveCMS. Every morning, a screenscraper checks the New Hampshire General Court website for new rollcall data, and an R script analyzes the new data and produces the graph and numbers on the NOMINATE page.

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